Wednesday, December 8, 2010

5 Easy Pieces - the Tunic-Caftan!

The Tunic-Caftan is our top selling style - it solves a lot of problems and it is so easy to wear!
We do the Tunic-Caftan in silk and in velvet...

Jasmine Tunic-Caftan
There is nothing more elegant than Winter White!

Allegra Handpainted Velvet Tunic-Caftan
Only 1 left!

Plume de Nuit Velvet Tunic-Caftan
It shimmers!

Kandinsky Silk Tunic-Caftan
Wear it fabulously around the house...

Isola Silk Tunic-Caftan
Deep purple and acid green - so unique.

The Tunic-Caftan also comes in solid colors in Mustique lightweight wool jersey in 22 colors; in New York heavyweight wool jersey in 9 colors; in silk jersey in 20 colors; in Portofino linen in 34 colors; and in linen knit in 10 colors. You can get it in any color you want!