Monday, December 13, 2010

The Little Jacket

Another popular item in our store is the cropped Little Jacket. We have been doing this jacket for a couple of years in all sorts of fabrics. Lately we have been experimenting with combining fabrics of different textures for our Little Jacket - to make it even more fabulous!
This jacket is a bestseller because it works on everyone - any height - any body type. We do this jacket in XS to 3X and it usually fits one size down. So if you are normally a medium, try a small!

Ghost Ranch Painted Desert Little Jacket
with Jade Green Silk Ikat Trim

Taos Painted Desert Little Jacket
with Fire Red Silk Ikat Trim

Sedona Painted Desert Little Jacket
with Hand-dyed Velvet Trim

Fleur Little Jacket
Raw Edge Italian Silk

Raj Ikat Little Jacket
with Chia Rouge Silk Trim

Wear the collars up or down - wear the jacket open or closed - personalize it to your style!