Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Taupe!!!

The new fashion color for Spring this year is Taupe. It's not black...it's not grey...
it's Taupe & it's beautiful!!!

In Taupe we have:

Taupe Linen Tunic Caftan
with Flat-front Elastic-back Tapered Taupe Linen Pant

The return of the dress...
Taupe Linen Dress
with Short Flutter-front Taupe Linen Jacket

Or we pair the dress with our Short Flutter-front Jacket in Byzantine Taupe Linen 
(our best-selling fabric for Spring)

Or put our Taupe Linen separates with our Byzantine Linen Tunic - how chic is that?!?!

Taupe is the couleur du jour this Spring!