Friday, March 11, 2011

Byzantine B&W

Our Byzantine Linen now comes in B&W. 
It is our #1 selling outfit for Spring -- so easy -- you just wear it over anything black!

Byzantine Linen B&W short flutter front jacket

 Byzantine Linen B&W long flutter front coat

 Byzantine Linen Taupe mid-length flutter front jacket

Byzantine Linen Taupe wrap

Byzantine Linen B&W crossways top
All styles can be done in B&W or Taupe.

Monday, March 7, 2011

New Basics

Our new 3-piece CREPE/SATIN dressing was also a huge hit in New York City -- wear it day-to-evening -- for business; for work -- comes in any colour -- 
PEWTER, NAVY, BLACK, PETROL -- how simple; how chic....

Pewter Crepe/Satin 3-piece dressing

New 2-piece dressing in BLACK SATIN -- could be any colour -- 
our shorter-length tunic caftan style worn over thin-leg, ankle-slit, tuxedo-style pants -- just put a wrap or a great jacket over top & you're all set....

Black Satin 2-piece dressing

Our new crossover jacket in PETROL CREPE -- love the chiffon tie at the side....

Petrol Crepe Crossover Jacket

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Boho Chic

Our new Wool Fringe Jackets were a big hit in New York City. 
They come in our short flutter-front style & in our long easy jacket style. 
The colours are: GREY, PINK, CORAL, COPPER & EARTHY in the PEACOCK

Grey Peacock Wool Fringe Jacket

 Pink Peacock Wool Fringe Jacket

 Coral Peacock Wool Fringe Jacket

Copper Peacock Wool Fringe Jacket

Earthy Peacock Wool Fringe Jacket

Earthy Peacock Wool Fringe Easy Jacket

Indigo Circolo Wool Fringe Jacket

Bright Blue Circolo Wool Fringe Jacket

Ruby Circolo Wool Fringe Jacket