Saturday, March 17, 2012


It means LEOPARD in ITALIAN -- because it has that beautiful multi-colour jungle-like feel....

This fabric was in big hit in NYC this Spring for FALL -- everyone wants it for SPRING!!! -- so we have moved it up....

It comes in two colorways: GATTOPARDO CORAL and GATTOPARDO BLUE.... and in 7 styles:

Gattopardo Blue Little Jacket

Gattopardo Coral longer Little Jacket witrh Pockets

Gattopardo Coral Collar Jacket

Gattopardo Blue Flutter-Front Coat

Gattopardo Blue poncho-like Wrap Jacket with Big Pockets

Gattopardo Blue Crossover Jacket

Gattopardo Coral long Car Coat

Here is your new Zonda Spring coat!!!