Thursday, November 14, 2013

i-Pad Bags for Xmas

We have been invited to do i-Pad bags -- and cushions -- for CA' SAGREDO hotel in VENICE, a 5-star baby grand opposite the Rialto Market. This has led us to open our archive of beautiful photographs -- ONLY LOVE/ONLY BEAUTY....

The i-Pad bags launch in VENICE on DEC 11TH -- just in time for XMAS....

Order yours today....

Ca' Sagredo Ballroom Ceiling

Ca' Sagredo Staircase

Ca' Sagredo Staircase

Ca' Sagredo Ballroom

Ca' Sagredo iPad Bags in our window

Zodiac Clock

Face in Sand


Fast Diva


Fountain of Shame

And, of course, we have the staircase at the CA' as a diva wrap -- if you want over-the top!!!

Ca' Sagredo Staircase Wrap-Jacket

Or the staircase comes in a little jacket style....

Staircase Little Jacket

And then there are the Cushions for the CA'....